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Referral Source: If you were referred by an existing employee, please provide his/her name & relationship.
You must write the referring employee’s name above in order for him/her to be eligible for a referral bonus (provided all conditions of the Referral Program are met).

(NOTE: We participate in E‐Verify and will confirm each new employee’s eligibility to work with the SSA/DHS)


Any change to your availability listed above must be provided to Management in writing. There is no guarantee that these requests can be accommodated.

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Dates Employed

Dates Employed

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Alternative Dispute Resolution Policy

It is company policy to use alternative dispute resolution or "Arbitration" to resolve those rare employment Disputes that may arise between employer and employee that cannot be resolved through the normal in‐house dispute resolution process. As a condition of your employment with us, you must agree to be bound by our arbitration policy and will be asked to sign an agreement to this effect. The human resources or legal departments an answer specific questions you may have on our arbitration policy.

Release & Privacy Statement

It is understood and agreed that any misrepresentation or omission by me in this application will be sufficient cause for cancellation of this application and separation from toll bros., inc.’s (the company) service if I have been employed. Furthermore, I understand that just as I am free to resign at any time, the company reserves the right to terminate my employment at any time, with or without cause and without prior notice.

I understand also that the company requires certain information about me in order to evaluate my qualifications for employment and my capability to conduct its business if I become an employee or continue as an employee. Therefore, I authorize the company to check past employment, educational credentials, credit records and all other aspects of my background relevant to my proposed employment. In some instances, the company may perform criminal background checks on employees because of the nature of their job duties. Please be advised that we may perform such a check on you as part of the application process or at the commencement of any employment relationship. I agree to cooperate in such investigations, and release those parties supplying such information to the company from all liability or responsibility with respect to information supplied. I understand also that as part of the application process with toll golf, I will be subject to a 5‐panel drug screen. If I provide a sample that is confirmed positive for illegal drugs, choose not to complete the drug screen or provide a diluted or otherwise tampered‐with sample I understand that I will be immediately disqualified from employment consideration.

Under Maryland law, an employer may not require or demand, as a condition of employment, prospective employment, or continued employment, that an individual submit to or take a lie detector or similar test. An employer who violates this law is guilty of a misdemeanor and subject to a fine, not exceeding $100.

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